Bonneville Salt Flats Photoshoot 2019

Yes! After five years of poor salt conditions, the Bonneville Salt Flats Photoshoot returns. This time, one month earlier for drier salt. On Saturday, September 7th the club will be back on the Flats for a very unusual photographic opportunity. This project draws on the creativity of all participants to produce a huge number of visual delights worthy of great image making. In addition to club photographers, we invite models, dancers, actors, musicians, yoga practitioners and others to be subjects in front of our cameras. All are invited to bring clothing and/or props to support their vision for image-making. Some examples include large picture frames, lawn furniture, a bicycle, a canoe, and miscellaneous statuary. Your imagination should be your guide.

Take all this creative energy and combine it with one of the most visually fascinating landscapes in Utah and expectations are high we’ll make some very cool photographs.

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When: Saturday, September 7 2:30 to 8:30 (?)

Where: Bonneville Salt Flats!



Cuba, Club Tour with Brenda Tharp

It's worth repeating!  The 2019 club trip with PhotoOp 18 presenter, Brenda Tharp, was a big success, so we're doing it again.  There is no place more iconic for street and travel photography than Cuba.  Our group will visit the tobacco fields in Vinales, small fishing villages, and of course, the big city of Havana.  The full itinerary and much more information is available on Brenda's private page, link below.

Brenda will handle all registrations directly, and the trip will be limited to seven photographers, first come, first served.  Some have asked about bringing along a non-photographer significant other.  Unfortunately these individuals would take away an opportunity for another club member to attend.  Therefore this trip is restricted to current club member photographers only.


February 7-18, 2020



San Juan Skyway Fall Foliage trip is open for registrations!

We’ll be repeating our Skyway trip this year and expect it to be even better than our first effort. Southwestern Colorado's San Juan range is highly regarded as the fatherland of Western Fall foliage. Join the Wasatch Camera Club as we cruise the San Juan Skyway capturing iconic seasonal landscapes of red, orange and yellow leaves, perhaps (cross your fingers) with a little dusting of snow on the high peaks of the Rockies.

We will provide maps to help you cruise the meadows and groves between Silverton and Telluride, with our HQ at Ouray (a clone of Park City), where we can share the day's captures and plot the morrow's adventures.

Registration will close July 25.

September 26-29



Get Steamed Up - Railroad Extension Added

We’re also offering a special add-on to the Skyway field trip. Nearby in Chama, New Mexico, is the historic Cumbres & Toltec Railway that will offer some rich opportunities to photograph operating steam locomotives through autumn leaves.

As a bonus there will be an opportunity ride the train from Chama to Antonito. Our special host knows the railway inside and out and will guide us to some neat locations. Tickets are $75 per person, and there will be an additional fee to contribute to an honorarium for this person.

To preserve the photographic experience for this location, we will limit the number of participants to 10 photographers. Please RSVP and we’ll provide additional details.  Registration closes July 25.

When: October 1-3
Where: Chama New Mexico


Let's Shoot Horses - FIELD TRIP CLOSED

Join us as we ride down the original Pony Express Route searching for groups of wild horses.  We will meet at 9:00 AM on Saturday, June 29th or Sunday, June 30th at and hopefully find horses to shoot by 9:30.

We can accommodate 10 members per day.  Each member can attend only one of the days.  If we have more than 10 requests on either day, we will have a lottery to determine participants. Also, to keep the shooting experience optimum, only registered photographers are to attend.

RSVP's are required for both limiting attendance and allowing us to notify attendees of changes to the plan. We will send a second e-mail with gear recommendations, meeting locations and carpooling information. The registration period is now open and will continue through June 21.

Dates: June 29th OR Sunday, June 30th


Starry, Starry Night: Milky Way Photography with Shayne Shaw

The stars have again aligned!  We are excited to announce another overnight trip to shoot the Milky Way (and a few other celestial objects).  


Shayne Shaw will lead our group to a few locations along the Mirror Lake Highway.  The one night event will take place beginning on Friday, August 2, 2019 continuing through the wee hours of Saturday, August 3.


Since this will be just a one-nighter, during which time we will be wide awake and out shooting, participants will be on their own to arrange post-shooting accommodations, if desired.  


Not only will Shayne take us to some outstanding locations, he will provide help and guidance to those who are new to Milky Way photography.  Whether you are an expert or a wanna be, this trip will be a great opportunity to capture the stars, weather permitting!


The group size will be limited to 12 participants.  The registration period is now open and continue through June 26.  If more than 12 individuals register we will conduct a lottery for slots. If selected for the trip, you will be invoiced for a $75 registration fee. 


If you have questions about this trip please contact Claudia O’Grady.  


High Speed Trigger Photography, It’s More Than Just Water Drops

Colliding water drops, bursting balloons, and bouncing paint drops are all great subjects for stunning photographs, but how do you time your capture down to the millisecond?  Explore how to photograph high speed events to make beautiful images.  This workshop will discuss some of the key principles of high speed trigger photography.  We will also discuss some of the techniques used, including equipment that can be purchased, or made at home with very little effort or investment.  Demonstrations will be conducted using a variety of triggers and techniques.

When:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

Where: Main library, SLC



Call-for-Submissions Now Open for Global Villagers

The Wasatch Camera Club’s newest photographic exhibit entitled “Global Villagers” – which is scheduled for July 6th-August 24th at the Sweet Branch Library in the Avenues area of Salt Lake City – is now open for image submissions.

Why a “Global Villagers” theme? Because it's never been easier to visit distant lands! Travel to many countries once difficult can now be booked with a mouse click. Becasue laughing, smiling, and sharing a photographic moment with people of different cultures can be a humbling and illuminating experience. Those in our own cities and countryside can also present fascinating portrayals of their lives. Because the human condition is vast and wide and expressions of joy, fear, happiness, sadness, community and contentment are common to all. Because cultural differences notwithstanding, universalities can be found in every culture, every land. This exhibit is an effort to foster an appreciation of our fellow travelers and to bring the viewer face to face with our local and global neighbors.

What images will be accepted? Images of people! People from near and far, photographed on global travels and local rambles. People working, playing, relaxing...doing what people do! People sad, happy, smiling, laughing, crying, emotional and unemotional, but most especially natural (no model shoots!).

Go to our Global Villagers Call-For-Submissions page between May 1st and May 24th and submit your own Global Villagers photographs. Happy travels!

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