2019 Exhibits Program

For 2019 -- the club's  25th anniversary -- we have two exhibits currently scheduled with a third in the works. This will prove to a very BIG exhibiting year for the club.

The first exhibit will be again at Red Butte Garden from March 15 – April 7. This exhibit is entitled "Lovely as a Tree." Detailed information is below.

The second exhibit will be at the Sweet Branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library system and is titled "Global Villagers." The exhibit will run from July 6 to August 24. Please see details below.

The third exhibit is still in the discussion stage so check back for details.

If you have any questions, please contact the Exhibits Committee.   

Exhibits Program 2019

Lovely As A Tree

Description ... Trees, trees and more trees. Live or dead. Forests too. Did we say trees? Yes, the exhibit will feature lots of trees. We will be able to hang up to around 50 images and we will be able to also sell matted prints and photo note cards.

Download a PDF of the exhibit description here.

Venue: Red Butte Garden
Timeframe: March 15 – April 7
Submissions now closed.

Global Villagers: Portraits from a World Community

Description ... People, people, people. From near and far. Global travels and local rambles. Working, playing, relaxing, doing what people do. Sad, happy, smiling, laughing, crying, emotional and unemotional, but most especially natural. (This exhibit is not about models and modeling with perfect light created by softboxes!) 

Target Venues: Sweet Branch of Salt Lake City Public Library
Timeframe: July 6 to August 24




Call For Submissions To Open In May