Assigned Themes for 2019-2020 Competition Year

This competition season we are returning to themes that challenge you both creatively and technically. As you'll see below there are a number of new ways to express your problem-solving and creative abilities.

September 17, 2019
 Breaking the Rules  Rule of thirds, straight horizon, golden ratio or whatever your interpretation might be.

November 14 - Submissions open Sunday Oct 13, close Sunday Oct 27
Leading Lines  Guide the viewers eye through your image with lines in any direction and any form.

January 30 - Submissions open Sunday December 29, close Sunday January 12
Negative Space  Create a more powerful image by leaving extra space around your subject.

Shadowlands  Use shadows to define your subject or add interest to your image.

Time  Time lapse, timed exposure, stopping time, find your version of time and express it.