Bonneville Salt Flats Photoshoot

How to Participate in the Bonneville Salt Flats Photoshoot

On Saturday, September 26, from 3 pm to about 10 p.m., for the third time in five years the Wasatch Camera Club will be on the Bonneville flats to capture this unusual setting as well as use it as a backdrop for special subjects.

Our lighting plans will vary as the sunlight fades.  We plan to begin with full natural lighting, and then begin using strobes for fill light when natural light is no longer sufficient.



If you are a member with dues current, all you need to do is register. We need registrations for two reasons. One, so we have your e-mail address so we can update you and give you final instructions. Two, because the BLM permit limits the number of participants. As a result, we may need to limit the number photographers. 

In return for our talent’s time, we provide high-quality images from the event. You will be “invited” to upload your some of your best images online within two weeks after the event. All photographers are asked to submit.

If you like, feel free to bring your own props and equipment to create your own unique images.                                                          


The club will welcome a certain number of models, dancers, performers and other talented individuals to participate in the Bonneville Salt Flats Photoshoot. In return for your time, we’ll provide some extraordinary images for you, or your group’s portfolio.

You must register. This is required so we can provide you with last minute details and directions. We can only select a limited number of participants because we want to make sure everyone is photographed in sufficient numbers. We can’t take everyone, but we’re fairly open.

You will be asked to sign a standard photo release. If you’re under 18, we’ll need you to have a parent or guardian sign the release as well.

You are welcome to bring props, changes of clothes and other items to that you’d like to have included in your photograph.

A makeup artist will be on hand at no charge, if you choose to use her services.

There are no services on this location. Bring plenty of liquids and snacks if you like. We will have an outdoor toilet with limited privacy.

Additional Notes – For Everyone

We haven’t had any difficulties in the past, but please no drugs, alcoholic beverages, working firearms or nudity.