Building a Better Club Starts With YOU

The Wasatch Camera Club is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to building our members’ photographic knowledge and skills. From field trips, workshops, mentoring, and presentations to competitions and critiques the club’s activities are — in a very large part —the products of our directors' time and energy. They plan, coordinate, and produce to make our club what it is today.

While their efforts have been well-received and the club is growing, we can use additional support to improve. To build a more volunteer-friendly approach we’ve created multiple levels of volunteer positions to better clarify where help is needed and to allow you to pick what works best for you.

Bronze level

Committee members. Nearly all club programs are, or should be, backed up by committees to support that program. Typically being a committee member will require attending meetings, making suggestions and on occasion carrying out some tasks.

Silver Level

Coordinators. These are more individual centered projects that can be done from home. They require more time and more commitment. At present there is only one of these positions the club need to have filled.

Gold Level

Directors. These are full responsibility positions that implement, lead and direct the club’s programs. You work with other directors and the President and Vice President to deliver ongoing programs. You will be asked to meet regularly both with other directors and your own committees.

Create Your Own Level

If you see an opening or have an idea for a volunteer efforts feel free to make a suggestion. Perhaps there is a way to support the club that will be a good fit for you and the club at the same time.

 Building a Better Camera Club…for yourself and for others