Call-for-Submissions Now Open for Global Villagers

The Wasatch Camera Club’s newest photographic exhibit entitled “Global Villagers” – which is scheduled for July 6th-August 24th at the Sweet Branch Library in the Avenues area of Salt Lake City – is now open for image submissions.

Why a “Global Villagers” theme? Because it's never been easier to visit distant lands! Travel to many countries once difficult can now be booked with a mouse click. Becasue laughing, smiling, and sharing a photographic moment with people of different cultures can be a humbling and illuminating experience. Those in our own cities and countryside can also present fascinating portrayals of their lives. Because the human condition is vast and wide and expressions of joy, fear, happiness, sadness, community and contentment are common to all. Because cultural differences notwithstanding, universalities can be found in every culture, every land. This exhibit is an effort to foster an appreciation of our fellow travelers and to bring the viewer face to face with our local and global neighbors.

What images will be accepted? Images of people! People from near and far, photographed on global travels and local rambles. People working, playing, relaxing...doing what people do! People sad, happy, smiling, laughing, crying, emotional and unemotional, but most especially natural (no model shoots!).

Go to our Global Villagers Call-For-Submissions page between May 1st and May 24th and submit your own Global Villagers photographs. Happy travels!