Global Villagers Exhibit at the Sweet Library

Your image files should be sized and formatted in the following manner:

  • JPEG format only (append with .jpg)
  • Max size is 2MB
  • The longest side should be 2000 pixels
  • 72 ppi resolution

A maximum of up to 3 files is permitted per submitter.

Please follow this format in naming your files: firstname_lastname-title.jpg as in denise_smith-delicate_arch.jpg. 

Please use NO watermarks.

A panel of judges will review all of the submissions, score them and a final selection made from the highest scoring. 

If your image(s) are selected you will be requested to print and frame the images according to the general standards on this page.

For any further questions or clarifications please send a message to

Submission Form:

Global Villagers Exhibit:

Description ... People, people, people. From near and far. Global travels and local rambles. Working, playing, relaxing, doing what people do. Sad, happy, smiling, laughing, crying, emotional and unemotional, but most especially natural. (This exhibit is not about models and modeling with perfect light created by softboxes!) 

Venue: Sweet Branch of Salt Lake City Public Library
Timeframe: July 6 to August 24
Finished Art Dropoff: June 29, 10am-6pm
Reception: July 6, 4-5:30pm
Submissions Open 1-May to 24-May