Photography Elevated - Ogden Valley Balloon Festival

Two Big Dates:

Saturday August 15th at 7:30pm Evening Balloon Glow

Sunday August 16th at 5:30am Morning Balloon Launch & Rides

Where: Eden Park: 2100 N 6100 E, Eden, UT

We will meet at the Horse Arena Area (Bicycle parking area). Please let me know via email or text message (801-725-6231) if you are coming so that I can wait for everyone.

Please park in the designated areas, Vehicles parked on roadways will be towed.

The event features approximately 15 hot air balloons which are the focus for 5 launches and one balloon glow throughout the weekend. After the morning launches, the activities shift to Kite displays and demonstrations, Tethered Balloon Rides, Arts & Crafts Booths, Food Booths, Kids Games & Activities and continuous live entertainment with many performers. There are free concerts at Eden Park Friday and Saturday.

For your information:

The following Balloon Festival Tips will help you to enjoy your visit.

NOTE: Balloons only fly in calm air.

  1. Arrive early. Very early. This is an early morning sport. If you arrive before 6:30, you will get to watch the balloon pilots set up and maybe even help!
  2. Watch your feet. Balloonists are thrilled to have you watching, or even helping, as they inflate their balloons, but your shoes on the delicate fabric of the envelope can easily cause damage.
  3. Jump into the action. Many balloonists need extra hands during the inflation process. If you want to help, speak up! They’ll put you to work holding the envelope or weighting the gondola before lift off. (If you plan on helping, bring a pair of gloves!)

Please note, Ogden Valley Balloon Festival will have a photo contest on their website which ends on August 31, 2015. (

What to bring:

Wide Angle Lens, Telephoto lens, Tripod/Monopod