Starry, Starry Night: Milky Way Photography with Shayne Shaw

The stars have again aligned!  We are excited to announce another overnight trip to shoot the Milky Way (and a few other celestial objects).  


Shayne Shaw will lead our group to a few locations along the Mirror Lake Highway.  The one night event will take place beginning on Friday, August 2, 2019 continuing through the wee hours of Saturday, August 3.


Since this will be just a one-nighter, during which time we will be wide awake and out shooting, participants will be on their own to arrange post-shooting accommodations, if desired.  


Not only will Shayne take us to some outstanding locations, he will provide help and guidance to those who are new to Milky Way photography.  Whether you are an expert or a wanna be, this trip will be a great opportunity to capture the stars, weather permitting!


The group size will be limited to 12 participants.  The registration period is now open and continue through June 26.  If more than 12 individuals register we will conduct a lottery for slots. If selected for the trip, you will be invoiced for a $75 registration fee. 


If you have questions about this trip please contact Claudia O’Grady.