Yellowstone in Winter - January 2019

Bundle up and join us in Yellowstone!   We’ll set our sites on some of the most spectacular and magical landscapes created in the snow and cold.  Over-the-snow coaches will transport us to the heart of Yellowstone, where frosty-faced bison linger near the warmth of the geysers.  Our private coaches will allow us access to pristine winter scenes punctuated with fascinating geothermal features including colorful hot pools, steaming geysers, and bubbling mud pots. 

Conditions can be very cold!  Please be sure you have suitable cold weather clothing and gear (boots, gaiters, gloves, jackets, hats) and are physically able to trudge through snow if conditions warrant. 

The number of participants on this trip is strictly limited to 10 photographers.  The club has reserved a block of motel rooms for three nights (January 3, 4, and 5) in West Yellowstone at a rate of $99 per night plus taxes.  Other expenses include approximately $340 per person (depending on the final number in attendance) for rental of the snow coach for two days ($170 per day per person), plus park entry fees and driver gratuity.  Full payment for the snow coaches and rooms will be required prior to the start of the trip, as this is a package arrangement.  Each participant is responsible for their own travel expenses and for meals during the trip.

Registration for this trip will be open through August 22, at which point we will conduct our lottery for slots if we have more than 10 registrants.  The $75 nonrefundable registration fee is required to pay for club expenses related to organizing this and other trips, as well as other club related expenses. 

Register Here

January 3 thru 5, 2019

Please contact Claudia O’Grady with questions about this trip.