Favored Links


Photo Labs:

Replicolor - A Digital and Photographic Processing Center with an online store as well. http://www.replicolor.com/


Cameras and Supplies:

Pictureline - Nikon, Canon, Fuji, printers, ink, paper and yes...even film! The staff are helpful, professional and good friends of the Wasatch Camera Club. http://pictureline.com

Pixels Foto & Frame - Pixels carries a large assortment of camera gear and feature knowledgeable staff who are also working photographers. http://www.pixelsfoto.com/


Printer Supplies:

Ink Jet Art - Need paper, ink, and printers? Ink Jet Art likely can supply your printer-related needs. http://www.inkjetart.com/


Camera Repair:

Forster's Camera Service - Broken lens, malfunctioning flash, damaged camera? Forster's will either fix the problem or manage the interaction with the manufacturer if it needs to be sent out. http://www.forsterscamera.com/

Spencer's Camera & Photo - If you live in Utah Valley, Clarence Spencer is not too far away in Alpine and does camera repairs. He also will perform infrared conversions on just about any DSLR made. http://spencerscamera.com/


Mats and Frames, Online:

Matcutter - Matcutter has a large selection of pre-cut mat/backing/bags packages including ot fit digital APS sensor size proportions. http://www.matcutter.com/

Redimat - Redimat offers pre-cut mats, frames and bags. http://www.redimat.com/

Dick Blick - Mats and more. http://www.dickblick.com/

GoldenStateArt - Huges selection of inexpensive mats. https://www.goldenstateart.com/

Bags Unlimited - Bags, pre-cut mats and accessories. http://www.bagsunlimited.com/

PictureFrames - Frames, mats and custom cut mats. http://www.pictureframes.com/


General Resources:

Beyond the Lens - Page on CCTV Camera Pros site that has many general links about the history and current status of photography. (recommended by students in Colorado)