Hanging Guidelines

Some guidelines that must be followed in order to participate in the exhibits.

  • All prints must be mounted and framed.
    • If you are comfortable matting and framing your images yourself, then please do.
    • If not, the club is working with a couple of frame shops in the area to help you in this endeavor. Additional information will be forthcoming and posted here.
    • Glass or Acrylic aren't necessary in every venue, but it is strongly encouraged to protect your print from dirty fingers.
  • Framing must be within the framing guidelines for safety and security. Details will be posted on the website.
  • Larger print sizes are preferred as they provide greater impact. Additional information will be posted elsewhere on the site
  • Frames sizes
    • Must not be smaller than 11x14
    • Cannot be larger than 40” on the longest side unless express permission from the exhibit gallery is obtained.
  • Prints entered into an exhibit must remain there for the duration of the exhibit.
  • You will always be allowed to remove your prints from the exhibit pool after a show or before the next one.
  • Some venues in the future might require “manning a booth” for a few hours during an event. You don’t have to participate in every event – we all have busy schedules. However, please be prepared and willing to participate for the opportunity to sell your own work.
  • All images must be suitable for intended audiences.