High Speed Trigger Photography, It’s More Than Just Water Drops

Colliding water drops, bursting balloons, and bouncing paint drops are all great subjects for stunning photographs, but how do you time your capture down to the millisecond?  Explore how to photograph high speed events to make beautiful images.  This workshop will discuss some of the key principles of high speed trigger photography.  We will also discuss some of the techniques used, including equipment that can be purchased, or made at home with very little effort or investment.  Demonstrations will be conducted using a variety of triggers and techniques.

When:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

Where: Main library, SLC



Call-for-Submissions Now Open for Global Villagers

The Wasatch Camera Club’s newest photographic exhibit entitled “Global Villagers” – which is scheduled for July 6th-August 24th at the Sweet Branch Library in the Avenues area of Salt Lake City – is now open for image submissions.

Why a “Global Villagers” theme? Because it's never been easier to visit distant lands! Travel to many countries once difficult can now be booked with a mouse click. Becasue laughing, smiling, and sharing a photographic moment with people of different cultures can be a humbling and illuminating experience. Those in our own cities and countryside can also present fascinating portrayals of their lives. Because the human condition is vast and wide and expressions of joy, fear, happiness, sadness, community and contentment are common to all. Because cultural differences notwithstanding, universalities can be found in every culture, every land. This exhibit is an effort to foster an appreciation of our fellow travelers and to bring the viewer face to face with our local and global neighbors.

What images will be accepted? Images of people! People from near and far, photographed on global travels and local rambles. People working, playing, relaxing...doing what people do! People sad, happy, smiling, laughing, crying, emotional and unemotional, but most especially natural (no model shoots!).

Go to our Global Villagers Call-For-Submissions page between May 1st and May 24th and submit your own Global Villagers photographs. Happy travels!

Plug Into Plug-ins Workshop

Join club vice-president Jeff Clay as he presents his latest Photoshop and Lightroom (LR) Plugin Roundup. It’s been 8 years since his last plug-in presentation and things have greatly changed for the better!

Jeff will cover a number of plug-ins, LR pre-sets and PS Actions that are available online. He’ll cover processes such as HDR, Sharpening, Noise Reduction, Spot Adjustments, Black & White Conversion, as well as Artistic and Special Effects Treatments.

Publishers covered will include DXO Nik, Topaz Studios, Photomatix, Alien Skin, Seim, Tony Kuyper and others. Where possible, he will be applying the processes live via his laptop.

Whilst it is true that you don’t need anything beyond Photoshop or Lightroom (or both), Jeff will clearly demonstrate the process benefits, time shortcuts and improved final image quality that using these selected plug-ins, pre-sets and actions can provide!

When: 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. Thursday, April 25

Where: City Library, Conference Room B, Salt Lake City





Palouse 2019 Overnight Field Trip Open for Registration

Are you ready for another photographic adventure?  Join your fellow WCC'ers as we head back to the Palouse!

The Palouse is an area located in southeastern Washington near Pullman.  It's an agricultural community that comes alive with rolling hills of wheat, barley, lentils, and canola, and winding country roads punctuated with old barns, windmills, and silos.  The varied stages of emerging crops create a colorful and undulating patchwork.

This trip will be based out of Pullman, WA, which is a day's drive (10.5 hours) or a short flight.  There will be endless photographic opportunity, limited only by your creativity!

Lightroom Classes Announced

The Wasatch Camera Club is happy to offer a customizable series of classes to help you learn, or brush up on the rich features that lurk inside Lightroom. Taught by long-time club supporter and Lightroom wizard, Randy Collier, this series of classes are offered both as a full series of three or mix and match to meet your needs. Included will be all the latest updates for Lightroom Classic CC. Note: this is the version normally used on desktops and laptops. Other Lightroom products are used on phones and tablets.

Note: class sizes will be limited so register soon.

  We know for many photographers Lightroom is the go to processing software. It's excellent at organizing, processing, exporting, and printing. It's also loaded with numerous cool features that many photographers many times overlook. Here's an opportunity to learn, refresh, and get dialed in to the latest version of Lightroom. (Note: we're talking about Lightroom Classic CC Release 7.4 or higher if one comes out.)

Location: Salt Lake Community College Miller Campus, 9750 S 300 W, Sandy

Here are the per class details. You can select all, one, or two, OR all.

1. Overview of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC,  Thursday March 28, 6:30 - 9:00PM

  • Understanding post-processing
  • Getting to know the workspace

Importing Image Management (Library Module)

Getting ready to work:

  • Importing and import pre-sets
  • Understanding catalogs
  • File organization
  • Working with keywords and other metadata
  • Using Collections to group images
  • Locating photos through search and filters

2. Post processing features and techniques (Develop Module)
Thusday April 4, 6:30 - 9:00PM

  • Methodology and technique to image manipulation
  • Using Light room’s batch editing features
  • Camera Raw vs. Lightroom
  • Copying files as different file formats
  • Picking and rejecting photos (culling)
  • Rating and coding for workflow

3. Exporting and printing from Lightroom (All the other Modules) Thursday April 11, 6:30 - 9:00PM

  • Creating Slideshows in Lightroom
  • Creating online galleries for the web or other devices
  • Printing Photos from Lightroom vs Photoshop
  • Creating export presets
  • Book Making made simple
  • Overview of Lightroom mobile interface
  • New features in the local adjustment tools
    • Using the new range masks
    • Color and Luminosity masking
    • The Transform panel

Technical Requirements:

  • Attendees must have at least some exposure experience with Lightroom Classic CC.
  • Laptops are welcome, but so are note takers.
  • You will need to have updated your Lightroom program to 7.4 or higher if available.
  • Bring some sample images you may wish to work on.

Register Here and Now

25 Year Party Time

It’s time to celebrate 25 years of Wasatch Camera Club.  Reminisce the past years and look forward to the future of your Club. Meet new friends and catch up with old friends. It’s time to share stories and photos.

How can you make thi a better event? Show up and share. 

Send in up to 10 images that will be used in a slide show. These images can be of people and places from past Camera Club events, favorite places you have been or stories that you would like to share.  If you think it’s interesting, we will too. 

Forbidden Reaches of India Revealed

Join long-time club member, Jeff Clay as he re-lives via photographs and stories his 2016 trip to the far northwest corner of India: the once forbidden Buddhist kingdom of Ladakh and the now often-curfewed, politically-fraught but beautiful land called Kashmir.

Travel with Jeff along the fabled Silk Road, visit ancient Buddhist monasteries, have butter tea with nomadic families, taste the baking naan as it comes straight out of its tandoor oven, share sunrise with prayer flags and stray dogs, experience the trance of a Tibetan sorceress, shop in the floating market of fabled Srinagar, laugh with a pashmina shepherdess and her flock, gasp with him at 18,000 feet, thrill with an angry crowd beating on your taxi window … this and more Jeff will recount both with photographs and in words. 

Jeff Clay is the club’s Vice President and our Exhibits Director. His exceptional photography skills will be on full display in this presentation. Don’t miss it.

Tuesday, February 19, 6:30 – 9:00pm

Salt Lake City Library Conf. Rm. B, 210 East 400 South Salt Lake City



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