New Payment Page

We now have a new payment page for membership fees (Join Us -> Payment) and a page to signup on our mailing list (Join Us -> Mailing List).

We hope to see you on our mailing list, and hope that the payment page provides an easier way to contribute dues.

New Year Begins for the Club

New year's in May? It is for the Wasatch Camera Club based on our bylaws. Of course, what this really means is that we all need to re-up with the club by filling out new membership forms and paying dues. Yes, it's a hassle, but it helps the club immeasurably by alerting us to changes in your information and interests, not to mention the raising funds for the clubs operation.

Dues are going up, a small amount. Here's the new schedule:

Individuals $40

Families $50

Seniors 62+ $25

Students w/I.D. $10

Welcome the Club's New Website

At last the new website is up with many new features and a much improved appearance. This new site will help the club reach many of its goals in terms of better communications, enriched members experiences, fund-raising and attracting new members. 
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