Taking Great Portraits - Secrets Revealed!

Accomplished photographer, Dennis Walsh will present an ambitious workshop that will cover…

  • What is a portrait…and why should we take them?                         
  • Finding vs Creating the Light - planning your light source and controlling it
  • Portrait lighting on a budget
  • Portrait Lighting Basics. A live demonstration of studio lighting.
  • 10 Tools to help you create better portraits

Short Bio: Husband, Dad, photographer, aviator, world traveler, cyclist, Notre Dame alumni, Rotarian, fine-art printer, and wanna-be piano player.

When: Tuesday, May 12, 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Where: Photo Collective  561 W 200 S, Salt Lake City

Falling Water/ Starry Night Field Trip

A late evening/night shoot at Upper Provo Falls & Mirror Lake

If "stilling the waters" is on your photographic bucket list join us at the Provo River Falls in the High Uintas. The water is fast, pure, uncluttered on beautiful slab rock formations. Club member Clint Phipps will show us some places where we can photograph small waterfalls using techniques to smooth the waters’ motion. Neutral density filters anyone?

Then, later in the evening we will capture the Milky Way, stars and potentially shooting stars over the Provo River and Mirror Lake. We will also be learning light painting techniques to enhance the overall composition.

It will be an exciting shooting experience, especially for those who have never shot the Milky Way before. We will have a workshop before the field trip where we will go over proper camera settings, how to compose and focus at night, how to find and forecast the Milky Way position and light painting techniques.

Where: From Kamas, take highway 150 to the Provo River Falls parking lot approx 24 miles. 

When: Sat. June 13 @ 5pm

What to bring:

-DSLR Camera

-Wide angle lens with a fast shutterspeed (any lens that has a range from 11-35mm would be great and an f-stop of 2.8 or faster)

-Sturdy tripod

-Cable release (you can use your camera’s self timer if you don’t have this)

-ND filters

-Headlamp – preferable with a red light setting (your eyes can adjust better to red light in the dark)

-Hiking shoes (there might be some light scrambling involved on and off the worn trails)

-Warm layered clothing and gloves – it still is cold during June nights

-Bug juice for the early hours of the evening

-Any food/snacks/drinks you may want for the few hours of shooting

A word to the wise, deer and black cows are everywhere, especially at twilight, slow down and no texting! 

Please note:

To optimize everyone’s experience we will limit the number of participants to 20 using a new selection method. Registration will be open April 23rd to April 30th.  Then we’ll use a lottery to select event participants. This will give all registrants an equal chance of being selected rather than the “first come, first served” we have used for earlier club opportunities.



Registration is now closed. Also, overnight camping may be possible. More information.





Moose Peterson Challenges Conventional Approaches

PhotoOp 15 with presenter Moose Peterson proved to be an eye-opening experience for many attendees. Starting with his keep it simple approach, he advocated underexposing images to enrich colors and using detailess shadows as a way to enhance color perception. This is surprisingly opposite of the “expose to the right” advice provided by many experienced photographers.

Beyond Lightroom: Photoshop for the Rest of Us

On April 23rd join Wasatch Camera Club’s Arnie Finkleman as he presents a Photoshop workshop. Are you intimidated by Adobe’s premier photo editing package? Don’t be, as Arnie brings Photoshop out of the realm of for-pros-only and into the world of mere mortals (and club members!). Geared towards current Lightroom users who do not use Photoshop and/or photographers new to the Photoshop world, Arnie will explore the differences between the two Adobe products as well as how to get started using Photoshop.

Primarily a landscape photographer, Arnie’s photography experience dates back to the good old days of film. More recently he dove into the world of digital darkrooms by taking Photoshop classes. He would like to share with you what he has learned, so please join him as he explores Photoshop for the rest of us.

Where: SLC Downtown Library, Conference Room B
When: Thursday, April 23rd, 6:30-9pm

Auto Graveyard Field Trip

Of course history is surrounding us all the time, in old buildings, old forests, deep canyons, and even the acquaintances that we keep.  Sometimes though we come across forgotten pieces of history, things that are no longer commonplace in our surroundings, and for that reason they may trigger memories or ideas about a past that we don't often visit.

On Saturday, April 25th at 8:30 am the Wasatch Camera Club will be visiting an auto junkyard where resides many old cars and trucks. Mike, the owner, has asked that nothing leaves his property except the images in our cameras and no one climbs on the vehicles or parts.

We're going early for the nice morning light, please be sure of how to get there before leaving home. 

This is a junkyard, please wear appropriate clothing and heavy-lugged footware - getting tetanus might ruin your whole day.

Saturday, April 25th at 8:30 am

A-1 Auto Parts

6778 West 2100 South, West Valley, Utah

See you there!

Please RSVP here.



Black & White Photography Presentation

On Monday, March 9th, join club VP and Workshops/Exhibits Director Jeff Clay as he gives a presentation entitled “Create Compelling Black and White Images from Color and Infrared Captures.” This presentation is sponsored by our sister organization, the Salt Lake Photographic Print Society and is being extended to include the Wasatch Camera Club. (This will be in lieu of a workshop for the month of March.)

Jeff will be sharing some of his workflows, processes, images – both on-screen and in-print. He discuss the whys, whens, whats and hows of black in white work and will show real-time color conversions, toning, and infrared-to-b&w via Photoshop, Lightroom and plug-ins. This promises to be an interesting, informative and education presentation!

Location: 4th Floor Conference Room of downtown SLC Library
When: 7pm, Monday, 9-March

Snow Goose Migration Field Trip FULL

Professional wildlife photographer Rob Daugherty will take us to his favorite spots to photograph the impressive Snow Goose migration as it passes through Utah. With Rob's expertise and knowledge of the area this will be a unique opportunity to photograph one of nature’s most amazing spectacles.  Rob will help members and give some advice and tips for shooting. We are very fortunate that Rob as agreed to do this for our club, so we encourage members to register ASAP as we imagine this trip will fill up quickly.

Early each spring, tens of thousands of Snow Geese begin their 3,000 mile voyage home to their nesting grounds in Canada's Northwest Territories. Starting from where they winter in Southern California & Mexico, these travelers navigate their way home with amazing precision and faithfulness. Delta Utah is one of their first stops as they follow the melting ice northward. They are drawn here by the abundant food source in the form of the new green shoots that are starting to appear.

DETAILS: Participation will be limited to 20 members and everyone must register to attend. If we exceed 20 members that would like to attend, we will consider having an additional day on Sunday March 8th. In that event we will update the posting and email all the club members about the additional openings. There will be a $45  due at the time of registration to cover the cost of Rob Daugherty's services for the day.

WHEN: Saturday March 7th

WHERE: Meet in the Wal-Mart parking lot SE corner at 136 SR73, Saratoga Springs

TIME: Be at Wal-Mart at 6:00 AM and we will all carpool to Delta from there.


ITINERARY: We will arrive at Delta about 7:30AM and shoot all morning. We will break for lunch around noon. Then after lunch go out and shoot for several more hours, finishing up in mid-late afternoon.

WHAT TO BRING: Please wear warm clothing, caps, boots and gloves. March in Utah may cold and possibly some snow. For photography equipment you will want to include your camera, extra batteries, tripod and lens ranging from wide angle to your longest focal length you own.

REFUND POLICY: Trip deposit refunds will be granted in the case of unexpected emergency, illness, family issue or accident under the following conditions. 100 % Refund: When the trips reservation can be filled with another person. 50% Refund: When the trips reservation cannot be filled by another person.

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